LIGHTEATER, a metaphysical exploration of light featuring neon bender Thomas Wendler and the voice of James Turrell. This is a personal project born out of my mild obsession for neon - the 5th most abundant gas in the universe. An element created in stars. An inert gas that when electrified reveals itself in the form of seemingly physical light.  

All neon signs are handmade. It's a special craft that involves heating and blowing glass into shape - the instrument, or vessel, is then filled with the appropriate noble gas (neon, xenon, argon, etc.). The trapped gas is then electrified -- neon's natural colour is red. Whereas the other noble gases natural colours are in a range of blue to purple -- With this film I wanted to get as close as possible to the process and show it in an abstracted way. 
Director. Michael Gugger 
DOP. Jesse Mazuch 
Camera Assistant. Ashton Green 
Production Assistant. Nico Serban 
Editor. Nicolas Dusollier 
Sound & Music. Ethan Houser 
Colorist. Delfina Mayer 
Neon Bender. Thomas Wendler 
Voice. James Turrell 
Title Design. Bella Conlan 
Archive footage courtesy of NASA & Prelinger Archives. 
Thanks to Thomas Wendler, Vara Kane, Sigi Gugger, Ute Michaelsen, Norma Archer, Chad Weuve. 
This film is not for profit. I do not own the rights to the voice of James Turrell. The voice is an excerpt from the 2013 interview on the Charlie Rose show.
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