Hello :)

I am filmmaker from New York, based in Berlin.
My current body of work is somewhat diverse - a reflection of my on-going journey to find my voice as an artist. My curiosity drives my creativity and allows me take a passionate interest in various subjects. 
I love creating work which has a narrative, something that drives a message. Finding a balance between the abstract and the objective truth.
My ultimate is to be creating work while traveling the world - in the trenches with my team. 
I have a serious set of producing skills which I developed over many years working in production of network series, studio films, TVC and everything in between. Click here for more about that.

Nominated for a Young Director Award by the CFP-E (Commercial Film Producers of Europe) at the YDA event held during Cannes Lions 2018.
Published in FILMMAKER magazine N. 107
Short List for a SHINY AWARD 2019
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