my role: Co-Director / Depthkit Operator

A woman‘s virtual spirit is trapped in another realm and tries to reenter her human body.
Blossom Through is a music video for artist Frank Lead. The film was captured using Xbox Kinect and Depth Kit software. It is an experiment in mixing 3d depth data with live action video.
Directed by Arthur Valverde and Michael Gugger
Music by Frank Lead : Blossom Through
In collaboration with Chemistry Creative
Dancer: Juliet Doherty
DP: Tomas Velasquez 
Gaffer: Kofi Carson
1st Ac: Melina Valdez
2nd AC: Adam Dolgoff
Hair stylist: Ken See
PA: Ryan Robertson
Voice Over: Alina Kurmanaeva
Post: Michael Gugger and Arthur Valverde
Studio: Chemistry Creative
DepthKit developed by James George and Alexander Porter.
Special thanks: Sigi Gugger, Amber Stites, Anthony Argento, Ricardo Vilar, Xiaolong Liu, Martin Mata, Artur Valverde Piedra, Chemistry Creative and the DepthKit Community.
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